Letter to Radio Stations from Ethan Pope

Over the years I have grown to love and appreciate Christian radio. My first time to be on a live radio program was in 1995. Since that time, my interest and commitment to Christian radio has deepened. I personally believe that Christian radio is one of the most powerful vehicles for communicating a message. This letter is to make myself available to be a guest on your radio station.

Whenever I do a program, my goal is to help the listener better understand a topic and to provide a biblical perspective whenever possible. I believe that God has gifted me with the ability to take a complex topic, research it, write about it and eventually explain it in simplistic terms that everyone listening can understand.If I have a personal trademark it is: Simplicity!

On a regular basis, I am researching, writing and posting a major article on my web site. My research and article could become the topic of a radio program on your station.

Why am I doing this? Am I just looking for something to fill up my schedule? Not hardly! God has not called every ministry to do this -- but I believe he has called me to this unique "live" radio ministry. When the telephone rings and I am invited to be on a program, I will do my best to honor your request for a live program. I am devoting the majority of my time to radio, speaking, and writing.

If you desire to learn more . . . here is what you need to do:

Email me at info@foundationsforliving.org and give me the name of your station, your name, mailing address and phone number. I will give you a call and also add you to my RADIO UPDATE email list. You will be receiving updates about new articles or potential program topics for your station. My telephone number is 601-582-2000.

May God bless you and your radio ministry,

Ethan Pope