Josh McDowell
"Ethan Pope is a highly qualified financial advisor and  first-class educator.  He has a special God-given ability to  take complex topics and make them simple."

Josh McDowell, Richardson, TX


"Your course, which you presented to the FamilyLife staff, is one of the finest of its kind.  I want to commend you by wholeheartedly endorsing your ministry.  Your ability to adeptly blend solid, scriptural principles with proven, practical finance is impressive."

Dennis Rainey, FamilyLife Ministry, Little Rock, AR


"Your course in the area of Christian personal finance is one of the best I have ever seen."

Dr. Lanier Burns, Chairman Systematic Theology
Dallas Theological Seminary


Ethan Pope's Foundations for Living seminar "Living in God's Economy" was our most well received stewardship seminar to date. Our people loved Ethan's   warmth, humor, and financial sensibility. Ethan's "Theology of Money" matrix with its 15 step approach was the best presentation we've seen for the biblical basis for stewardship.  The seminar was exactly as advertised and more. It was fast paced, interesting, fun, and easy to implement. It was an overall success.

Rafe Wright 
McKinney Fellowship Bible Church, McKinney, TX

"Ethan's seminar is one of the best kept secrets in Christian America. Ethan hit a home run with his three hour seminar."

Conrad Koch, Valley Community Baptist, Avon, CT