The Two Economies: God's vs World
By Ethan Pope

Just as the world has an economic system, God has an economic system. However, God’s economy does not operate under the same principles as the world’s economy.

The world’s economy is based upon core beliefs like: wealth brings security; power is important; and this life is all there is.

God’s economy is based upon core beliefs like: there is a God who created the universe; security comes from God; generosity is important, and we should make our financial decisions based upon an eternal perspective.

The principles for Biblical economics come from God -- not man. Many of God’s principles do not make sense to the world, but they make a lot of sense to devoted followers of Jesus Christ. The world thinks, "why would anyone want to give a portion of their income away? That’s foolish!" But, those with an eternal perspective know that giving a portion of their income is a wise thing to do! Not only are we helping to expand God’s kingdom on this earth, but we are laying up treasure in heaven!

Let me illustrate how the two economies are diametrically opposed to each other.


Provision Financial Independence God is Provider
Financial Security Comes from accumulation Comes from God
Mindset On earthly things On heavenly things
Possessions 100% mine 100% God’s
Problems Keep to self Give to God
Financial Freedom External circumstances Internal peace with God
Power to Live From self From Holy Spirit
Talents/Gifts Inherited/Developed God given
Store Treasure Where? On earth In heaven
Treasures Will rot and can be stolen Do not rot and are safe
Citizenship On earth In heaven
Focus Me, Mine, Myself God
Who is Served Mammon God
View of Debt More and More Less and Less
Motivated To be served To serve others
Life Spent Acquiring things Serving God
Perspective Worldly/temporal Eternal
Standards Set by others/world Word of God
Death Fear/not prepared Peace/prepared
Goals Short range/ 50 years Long range / eternal

In which economy do you best identify with: God’s or the World’s?

If you are living in the world’s economy, pray and ask God to help you make the transition to living fully in His economy.

Here are five basic principles that if applied to your life will help you live in God’s economy.

1. Acknowledge God owns it all, you are a steward, and one day you will give an accounting.

2. Give to God first, not last. Begin with a tithe (10%).

3. Be a consistent saver.

4. Live within your God given means.

5. Establish clear written financial goals.